Rick Davenport Auto Sales in Rocky Mount, NC

Rebuild Your Credit at Rick Davenport Auto Sales in Rocky Mount, NC

Rebuild Your Credit at Rick Davenport Auto Sales in Rocky Mount, NC


Financing is everything when it comes to buying a used car, truck, or SUV. We understand how difficult it can be to find a great deal when you don’t have the best credit score. There’s no need to worry when you buy from Rick Davenport Auto Sales. We have many financing options that can get you your used car faster than ever. What’s more, our financing can help you build your credit for the future!

With a tailored plan, you’ll be spending within your means, making it that much easier to pay bills and rebuild your credit. There are other ways to help your credit and we’re here today to get you to a better deal tomorrow! Read on to learn how to rebuild your credit, and see how Rick Davenport Auto Sales can get you from A to where you want to B.


Pay Bills On Time

This is a difficult task when you’re living paycheck to paycheck, but it’s so important to pay bills on time to rebuild credit. It’s no secret that you can get a better interest rate on a car with a higher credit score, so keeping it up is vital. Try staggering your bills as much as possible, so the payments don’t bleed you dry once a month. This can help you rest assured that you’ll have the money to pay every bill on time. This alone can help your credit score tremendously.

Keep Your Balance Low

Again, it’s not easy! But your debt ratio is one of the biggest factors contributing to your credit score. You’ll notice that your credit won’t be quite as high when you have several maxed credit cards. For this reason, you should be paying off your bill every month. It’s a good practice to pay off exactly what you’ve spent so you keep that balance at zero. Also, keeping one or two credit cards for long periods of time is often better than having several cards for a short period of time. Keep this in mind when you’re balancing your debt ratio.

How Can Rick Davenport Auto Sales Help?

Think about all the money you’ll save when you purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle with a personalized finance option. We make it so much easier to live within your means, so you aren’t scraping by. We also have an online credit application, so you can save time at the dealership. Applying for credit, either as an individual or a business, can make it much easier for you to afford your used vehicle.


Visit Rick Davenport Auto Sales in Rocky Mount, NC Today!

We’re the most reliable used car dealership in the Rocky Mount, NC, area! Every Ride is Certified, which means all of our models undergo thorough inspections before being released on our lot. We take pride in our used vehicles, and we know that you’ll be satisfied. That’s why we offer a free 3-month/3,000 mile warranty with every purchase. Contact Rick Davenport Auto Sales today for more information on financing and credit options!

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